RTL - de 10 största tonårsskandalerna, 2009-06-05

I fredag sände RTL ett program om de tio största tonårsskandalerna. På tionde plats kom Tom och stalkerincidenten. Reportaget var riktigt bra, med vassa pikar till Perrine. Det märktes att RTL står på Toms sida.

...a huge scandal for:
- Tokio Hotel!
Exactly. Crime scene: fuel station. Crime: Bodily harm against this girl.
-Tom was that, I think, who hit that one girl in the face

However could it come to this? He only wanted to be a rock star, be famous, scandalously trash some high class homes, and above all: make out with the hottest models.
Sadly enough, reality is often somewhat different.
Instead of scantily clad models, you're followed by mummed "wobbles".

-They had this really strange name...
-Something with "Afghanes anonymous" or so?
-Veiled, and so?
-Hooded Afghanes, they apparently call themselves...
-Which sounds like drugs at first, but apparently it are some girls who follow them around hooded.

And that's why they call themselves "les Afghanes on tour". They are four girls from France who apparently have lots of time, and little inhibitions.

-Apparently they have nothing else to do but to follow them around all day long
-In that case, I would also get scared... if they stalked me
- It seems that the girls in fact followed them alread for a really long time, wrote threatening letters, ...

Indeed, friendly fan letters do look different... And the announced "nightmare" became reality: First for Bill and Tom's mother, who was threatened by the stalkers. After that incident, the successful sons cancelled several appointments, allegedly, because they were concerned for their family. And that although the boys are used to quite a lot regarding fan-love:

Tom: Our fans are pretty special, one has to say. They're always turning out... To go out normally, that has become really difficult. When we do that, always in disguise: I hide my hair under a hood, and... of course, I won't tell everything now, or else people will recognize me anyway *laughs*.

But the nearly perfect disguise was useless, for the stalkers, who are specialists regarding disguises, recognized him. On April 15, they followed him. Once again. Up to this fuel station. Perrine D., once again, wanted an autograph. Nr 3000, approximately... Tom wasn't in the mood this time. On that, Perrine D. snubbed a cigarette on his innocent car.

-And apparently then he said: Ok, that's it!
-Ok, that's it... and apparently he *bam* did an imitation of the "first eye of Hannover"[??]

P: He have beat me fist, once in the face, and then I fell to floor...


Tom: In a way, we are examples...

-I guess he regrets it now, but I think when, like, your life and that of your family is threatened... then everybody would snap at some point.
-although [inaudible]
-I think I, too, would get really aggressive if people would follow me for months
-I can understand that you snap at some point
-Considering the circumstances, as far as I heard it: I'm absolutely on Tom's side.

Naturally, she is not. Not after the "serious injuries" she sustained... Allegedly, she couldn't even walk properly any more afterwards... so, what we see here is obviously - a miracle...

P: I didn't hear any more, and it's always "zzzzz" in my ear...

Mhm. And apparently also "zzzz" in her head... for after the claim for bodily harm, she instructs her lawyer to do the following:

-As such, we have prepared a request according to the law for protection against violence, demanding that Tom may not approach my client Perrine any more.

Will Tom be able to do this? To resist this... temptation? Maybe he'll be able to find someone to help him overcome this "loss"... And that he now has a law suit, i.e. a real scandal, on him - well, that nearly makes him a proper rock star.

-Ok, nearly... when a real rock star leaves a French girl behind with zzz in her ears and a fat tummy - then because she's pregnant!
Now, on to spot Nr 9...

Tack till Artax @ THA för översättningen!

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