Tom och Chantelle?

Detta visades på Punkt 12 på RTL tidigare i dag. Det är från Tom och Chantells dejt för en vecka sedan. Många tror fortfarande att det är en PR-kupp.
Hon verkar söt och rar. Vi får hoppas att Tom har det bra med henne oavsett om de är ett par eller bara kollegor som gör en PR-kupp.
Översättning till engelska:
At first, everyone though this was just PR, but these pictures seem kind of real. Tom and Chantelle is making out in his car, and then they dissapear in one Hamburg hotel for many hours.

These are pics, which make Tokio Hotel Fan's faces turn all white and us the shame in faces. These two go to new Hamburg hotel and there they dissapear for two hours, like one paparazzo from --- agency has seen.

MAN: These two got to know each other in LA, where Tokio Hotel work on their new album. There started they to be friends and back then were the first rumours - was there something between them?

When the first pics of Tom and Chantelle were on the internet, a lot of people thought it was just PR for her hiphop band Flypside and not a new love.
And Tom uses every chance to say, that he enjoyes every second of the teen-rockstar life.
TOM: "It doesn't matter, if she's blonde, or brunette" "I always ask the girls in the morning when we're in bed, in which city are we." "I have good sex all over the world"
There are many chances for Tom, but it's possible that he won't be that interested in the future.

MAN: "These two look really in love. If it's Chantelle, who seems more in love then he does, I'm not sure, but it looks like she has found her dreamboy. But I think Tom Kaulitz wouldn't have said no, when he saw this woman.

Chantelle told just one day after the pics were out, that she'd like to spend another amazing night in Germany. Well, we suppose Tom would like to make this wish come true.

Tack till nicoletagenoveva!
Postat av: Johanna

Finns det ingen översättning? :O

Publicerad: 2009-06-22 Kl: 17:18:02

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