Intervju med TH om Fashion against Aids.

Why is it important for you to be a part of the FAA?
B: Um, I think for us it just was something... we heard of it, and for us as a band it's of course good that we, with the music, because we're in the spotlight, can do things, can engage for things... And I think that it's a big topic, and especially with really young people... and, ehm... um... I mean, I know this: Tom is my brother, who also started pretty early with these things... It's just a big topic, and we thought, like, to combine that with a T-Shirt and to make a big campaign out of it, we really liked that, and of course it's an awesome message - and that's why we took part.

What can you say to your fans about protection?
B: Well, we think that that's very, very important, because I think, or we both think: Sex is a good thing...
T: Yeah.
B: I think everyone agrees, and the important thing is to watch out for yourself, and that's not hard to do, there are very simple things, you can do it very easily... always use a nice condom, and then you can romp around happily, like my brother... so, yeah: that's all.

Describe your personal style.
B: Well, I'm a total jacket fan. I think I have *pfft* no clue, can't count them any more... I have my whole closet full with jackets. I love 2nd hand jackets and I love strolling through all the stores. And Tom is more the Hip-Hop...
T: ...laid-back type...
B: ...and, um, doesn't really fit in with the music, I tell him always that he looks like crap, but he just doesn't wanna listen. But, I'll try to influence that a bit in the future. At least, now we've managed to wear the same T-Shirts... so, I think there's hope yet.
T: As you can see: It looks better on me, definitely.
B: yeah. totally.

What's your favorite piece of clothing?
B: Well, I'm a total jewelry fan. I always have a whole suitcase (or even several) full with lots of silver jewelry and ten thousand rings, and apart from that - jackets. As I said, I collect jackets to no end, I have them in all colors or forms imaginable...
T: Bill also has these really exquisite knickers. Like, also with "Eingriff" in front...
B: *lol*
T: ...and that's extremely, one has to say, pretty style, often also adorned with - how's it called: sequins, and so on. Yeah, he really has very pretty knickers, one has to say. Likes to collects them, too.
B: Yup.

What part of your T-shirt design do you like the most?
B: Of course, the design was mainly my job, because I'm the one who knows most about these things...
T: But the slogan of course came from me. That's clear.
B: Yeah, of course I was very much inspired by Tom and his experiences and so on... and we just tried to make the message short and memorable. Yeah, and apart from that: Skull - I have ten thousand skull things, and I thought it was extremely cool to do it like that, and of course we also took our logos, for the asterixs - I think everybody knows what it really says... And, yeah: I think it's a cool T-Shirt. Of course we had to come to an understanding concerning the colors, Tom first made a bit of a fuss because of the pink there, and such...
T: Yeah, true.
B: ... but I think, overall, it turned out quite well.

How can music affect people in a positive way?
B: Ehm, well. We... Especially I have started very early to write my own songs, everything, trouble I had, or just things I had experienced, just to write it down and make it into songs. I think everybody has his own way: Some write a diary. I always wrote songs. And I think you obviously can transport many things that are important to you... For us, it's a great time right now. We have lots of fans, we have the opportunity to play lots of concerts, and we have the opportunity to have many people listening to us. And then you can do things like right now, that you use this, that we make music and are in the public - and at the same time, work for a good cause. And I think listening is a lot more fun this way, when you get a message from you favorite band, instead of in school...
T: ...and, especially, of course: From your favorite guitar player!
B: *inaudible*
T: Favorite band would be saying a bit much...
B: I know how it is in school: The teachers talk about it, we also had this whole stuff in school... I know that you rather listen to music and play "battleships", instead of listening. So, I think it's good to do it also this way, and especially also have a nice T-Shirt in addition... Yup.

Tack till Artax @ THA!
Postat av: toss.

Jag tycker nästan att det ser ut som om de har tagit en bild (eller bara smått rörlig bild) på Gustav och Georg och klippt in en film på Tom och Bill över. De rör ju sig knappt, gör ungefär samma rörelsemönster och reagerar inte på något de säger! Lite konstigt.

Publicerad: 2009-05-29 Kl: 00:21:09
Postat av: Tokio Hotel is music SVARAR

Håller med dig. Det är som att de inte är med i intervjun alls. Extra tydligt blir det när Bill pratar om sex och säger att de båda två tycker att sex är något bra. Han borde ha sagt alla fyra.

Publicerad: 2009-05-29 Kl: 12:43:32
Postat av: toss.

Verkligen, han avslöjar sig lite där... Det är lite tråkigt att Bill och Tom "alltid" står för snacket, och särskilt när det blir såhär övertydligt.

Publicerad: 2009-05-29 Kl: 17:36:45

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