THs hemsida tillbaka 1 juni!

3...2...1: Tokio Hotel Homepage Reeee-Launch!

We have some great news for YOU! The kick-off for Tokio Hotel's brand new homepage will be this coming Monday. In the background of the cool new page, you'll be able to get a few glimpses of Tokio Hotel's wicked new artwork......well, at least where the clouds and the fog left some space for you to peak through. Be sure to check it out by clicking HERE!

Of course, we will also bring you all the latest Tokio Hotel info in the news section! Yes, we know that there is one BIG question that everyone is buzzing about: When will Tokio Hotel release their new single and their brand new album?! We certainly have an answer for this one and will let you know very soon! Make sure to check back regularly and be the first to know.

The homepage launch is this coming Monday, June 1st and we'll start with two country pages. More will follow shortly after, and step by step you'll experience our international Tokio Hotel online network that you guys are already used to! On top, some amazing new categories and functions are waiting for you. Click HERE to check it out!

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